Omni Hast Shastra

Omni Hast Shastra is very new and powerful Omni System introduced by Sameer Kale of Omni Holistic Center, Bhopal ( India). Hast means hands and Shastra means science or Literature. This system explains about energy of the hands. Our hands are very powerful and we can do wonders if positive energy combines with our chakra’s energy. This is what we do exactly in this unique system of Omni Hast Shastra.

It provides one mantra to work. Omni Hast Shastra include Yin energy and Shivanand’s energy. Here Shivanand is Spiritual form of Sameer Kale. You can work with Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Karmic, Aura and Spiritual Levels. Very good system for Health, Material Prosperity, Relationships and Spiritual Growth.

So, let’s come forward to have this very powerful energy of Omni Hast Shastra in your life from today…..