There are many masters initiated by Sameer Kale in the entire world. Here is a list of few Masters initiated by Sameer Kale in different Reiki Systems. 

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones lives at Wales, United Kingdom. She has her own Malindi Natural Healing & Teaching Centre there. Stephanie Jones is Omni Healing Master Teacher and Omni Kriya Master Teacher. She recently became first Omni Master who can initiate people distantly.  She was initiated by Sameer Kale himself.

Alena Guseva 'Nidhi'

Alena Guseva is originally from Ekaterinburg, Russia. She lives in USA now. She is Usui Reiki Grand Master and Omni Healing Master Teacher initiated by Sameer Kale

Ekaterina Stoyanova

Ekaterina Stoyanova lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has her own Bulgarian Reiki Center. She is Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Ekaterina Stoyanova is Oshoneo Reiki and Omni Healing Master Teacher initiated by Sameer Kale

Galina Marinova

Galina Marinova is from  Sofia, Bulgaria. She is  Omni Healing Master Teacher from Dr.Sameer Kale. Galina Marinova isTraditional and Karuna Reiki Master Having her Reiki Centre in Sofia.

Neli Stefanova

Neli Stefanova lives in  Sofia ( Bulgaria). She is an Traditional Reiki Master and Poet. She is Omni Kriya Master initiated by Sameer Kale

Arunima Pophali

Arunima Pophali is from Pune, India. She is in USA presently. She is Osho Neo Reiki Master Teacher and different Omni Systems initiated by Sameer Kale

Medha Chitale

Medha Chitale is from Bhopal, India. She is initiated in different Omni Systems and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher by Sameer Kale

Mridalini Singh Sanger

Mridalini Singh Sanger is from Bhopal, India. She is Omni Healing Master Healer, Omni Sutra Senior Healer and Usui Reiki Master Teacher initiated by Sameer Kale

Elena Mazurikova

Elena Mazurikova is Usui Reiki Master from Russia. She is Omni Shiva Master Teacher initiated by Sameer Kale

Caroline Jackson

Caroline Jackson is Usui Reiki Master from United Kingdom. She is Omni Sjphatic Master Teacher initiated by Sameer Kale

Bisser Mitev

Bisser Mitev is Usui Reiki Master from Sofia, Bulgaria. He is Omni Kriya Master Teacher initiated by Sameer Kale

Elena Sedelnikova

Elena Sedelnikova lives at Ekaterinburg, Russia. She is Usui Reiki Master initiated by Sameer Kale. 

Sanjeevani Deshpande

Sanjeevani Deshpande is from Nagpur ( India). She is Usui Reiki Master and different Omni Programs to her credit. She completed her Karuna Reiki Master Program in March, 2020.

Please Note

Kindly note that there are no masters or grands masters in Omni Sutra System, Omni Sphatic System, Omni Shiva System, Omni arma System and Omni Sai Sutra System in India, Europe or the other parts of the world so far. For Omni Healing System, 1 master in India and 3 in Europe has been initiated & each in UK, Bulgaria and Russia. So kindly inform / verify us if somebody claims themselves to be a master or grandmaster in these systems particularly.

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